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The German Kinshofer Co., Ltd., founded in 1971, is an engineering machinery and equipment group specializing in R & D, production and sales work tools or tools. Its products are widely used in excavator, car with car crane, emergency rescue vehicle and all kinds of hydraulic crane, broken robot, hydraulic manipulator and so on. On the equipment. The headquarters of the company is located in the dynamic Munich Economic Development Zone in Germany. At the same time, there are production bases or companies in Britain, France, Holland, Austria, Czech, Finland, Sweden, Canada, the United States, Russia, China and other places. Dealers and after-sales service outlets all over the world.

The main products of the company include all kinds of hydraulic excavator, grab, fixture, hanger, crusher, hydraulic shear, hydraulic drill, hydraulic rammer, cleaning machine, and all kinds of work equipment used in railway and electric power industries.

The products of German Kingstoff Co., Ltd. are famous for their excellent quality, novel design, outstanding reliability and revolutionary innovation. Since the establishment of the company, the company has not only accumulated a wealth of valuable experience to give back to the customers, but also developed and established a perfect product variety and sequence to meet the multitudinous needs of many customers. Today, as a solid, efficient, reliable and economical working machine, German Jens Hoff has been widely used in various types of truck crane, excavator, forklift, shovel, loader, demolished robot, nuclear waste recovery robot, manipulator, railway special maintenance locomotive and so on. The functions and functions of these load-bearing devices have been greatly improved.

Germany Jens Hoff Co., Ltd., with its high quality staff, modern manufacturing facilities, and perfect production logistics support and technical support, ensures the ability to provide fast and personalized solutions to the vast number of users so as to meet the special needs of the customers. At present, many of the world's top truck crane, excavator, robot and other bearing equipment manufacturers have fully trusted the German Kingsjo products, and the German Jens Hoff limited as its original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Wenzhou Ruiji Technology Co., Ltd. is a partner of German Jens Hoff Co. Ltd. in China, and is responsible for the development and business development of the German Kingsjo Co. Ltd. in the Greater China region (including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao) as well as in Asia.


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